Transfer of Real Estate

When you are investing in or selling your property, there are many factors you need to carefully consider. Renting, leasing, sale or registering a new property in Australia involves a lot of legal documentation, assessment and appraisals to assess the property value. Most negotiations and transactions will require the assistance of a property settlement lawyer. Title insurance, environmental issues, defending or fighting lawsuits related to a real estate deal are other things that often need professional legal services.
At Hiways Lawyers, we have a team of expert property settlement lawyers based in Melbourne that are qualified and experienced in real estate and the property laws that prevail in Australia. We can offer the most competent, affordable property settlement services related to property matters whether it is renting, leasing, advice on purchase of property, stamp duty information, land enquiries and contracts.


Tailor the overall solution for overseas buyers

Hiways Lawyers combines years of experience in real estate law to tailor the overall solution for overseas buyers, including:

Before the auction, review the contract and provide professional advice, including the application for approval by the Overseas Investment Committee (FIRB);

Arranging and checking the overall structure of the target housing.

Coordinate professional real estate agents or auction experts to accompany auctions;

Coordinating loan managers to provide financial services and investment design for customers.

To provide comprehensive legal services for customer property transfer;

Provide legal services for property development after transfer.

Deal with various property law-related cases

Hiways Lawyers has experienced real estate lawyers, has years of experience dealing with real estate project development, approval applications, residential and commercial real estate transactions, and has extensive experience in real estate lawsuits to deal with various property law-related cases:

Legal services for property transactions, transfer and transfer

Property dispute litigation

Legal services for property leasing

Legal services for real estate project development

Legal advice on building development permission