Harry Zhou

Harry Zhou
Harry Zhou obtained Juris Doctor and graduated from the University of Queensland in 2006. He was admitted as a solicitor in 2012 in Victoria and 2017 in Federal jurisdiction. Before and after he became a solicitor, he worked in various boutique law firms and gained extensive experience in immigration law, commercial and property law, property, and business conveyancing before he found his real passion in the family law where he has practised exclusively so far. Harry Zhou also successfully applied for state government-sponsored business skills and investor visas for many overseas clients including the visa class 188A, 188B, 188 C and 132 and 890, 892, and 893. Harry Zhou started practising family law exclusively since January 2017. He has completed a Graduate Diploma in Applied Law (family law) with the College of Law and is now studying Master in Applied Law (family law). He appeared regularly for both legally aided and private clients in Federal Circuit Court, Family Court, Magistrate’s court, and children’s court and so far has attended more than 150 court hearing. His broad knowledge in immigration law, commercial law, property law, and conveyancing is an added advantage when advising and acting for clients who usually have issues mixed with visas, business, and property title transfer. His practical approach and rich experience in court appearances provide value for money for family law clients who often have to struggle emotionally and financially.

Professional Experiences

She graduated from Australian National University in 2011 and has a bachelor’s degree in law and a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Years of experience in Australian legal system and Chinese investment legal affairs in Australia have unique insights. He has extensive experience in the field of commercial law, property law and intellectual property law.